Our Projects

     The Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR is proud of its many accomplishments and ongoing projects.  Organized through our committees, these projects realize the objectives of the DAR and support our local community.
Tamassee DAR School
     Our chapter supports the Tamassee DAR School, which is located in Oconee County, South Carolina.  Tamassee DAR School was founded by DAR to serve the underprivileged children of Appalachia. One of our favorite projects is our Tamassee Christmas party, where we provide a great meal and gifts for the children. Also, our members support improvements on school grounds, and a digitization project to preserve the 100 year history of this very important institution.

     Many Daughters who join DAR have an interest in genealogy.  Our chapter has completed several projects indexing records housed in the Gwinnett Historical Society and is currently working to transcribe the minute books of the Yellow River Baptist Church.

       The National Society also has online projects for Daughters. These include online indexing of books in the DAR library and also the Supporting Documentation Project, the categorization of documentation which was used to verify member applications.

Patriotic Projects
    The Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR is proud to support our military and new citizens of the United States.  

     Our Project Patriot Committee supports America's service personnel in current conflicts abroad and sends clothing to wounded military personnel being cared for at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

     Our Daughters are also passionate collecting donations for our active duty troops and veterans.