Get Involved

     The Philadelphia Winn Chapter NSDAR encourages every member to get involved and to use her talents to further the objectives of the DAR.  Activities are organized into committees, guided by the DAR's mission of historic preservation, education, and patriotism.  Below are just a few of our committees, showcasing our chapter's activities.


Historic Preservation
  • American Heritage: Showcase American culture and traditions through a variety of art and craft mediums.
  • Genealogical Records: Collect and preserve genealogical records and make them available worldwide. 
  • Historic Preservation: Identify and create projects to preserve records and properties of historic importance.

  • American Indians: Learn about the culture and heritage of Native Americans.  Also, support fundraising efforts that will benefit schools for America's First People.
  • American History: Instill a love of history in students through the American History Essay Contests. 
  • DAR Schools: Volunteer and donate (money, box tops, labels, clothing, and more) to help the six schools supported by the DAR.
  • Literacy Promotion: Work in schools and with community groups to make sure children achieve reading levels necessary for a successful future.   

  •  Celebrate America!: Volunteer in the community and support the DAR's goal of 10 million hours of service. 
  • Constitution Week: Celebrate the signing of our Constitution and our rights as citizens during the week of September 17-23 annually.
  • Americanism: Attend naturalization ceremonies and welcome new citizens.
  • DAR Service for Veterans: Volunteer in programs to help veterans through donations and community service.